Best Practices for a Professional CV Photo: What to Avoid

Best Practices for a Professional CV Photo: What to Avoid


Mon Jan 15 2024

What NOT to Do When Taking a Picture for Your CV

Navigating the nuances of creating a professional CV photo may seem straightforward, yet the pitfalls are surprisingly common. In this guide, we'll delve into key aspects to avoid, ensuring your CV picture makes a positive impact from the first glance.

Party Pictures Belong on Instagram, Not Your CV: 

While reveling in social gatherings is enjoyable, keep such moments confined to your personal social media. A CV picture demands a backdrop devoid of any telltale signs of revelry. Opt for a neutral setting that underscores your professionalism.

Shadows: Your Unwelcome Companion: Embrace the power of natural light to eliminate shadows that obscure your features. Utilize well-lit spaces, such as a sun-drenched room, ensuring clarity and presenting yourself in the best possible light – both literally and figuratively.

Turn That Frown Upside Down: A scowling countenance raises an immediate red flag. Remember, your CV photo serves as an introduction; an overly serious expression might convey difficulty in collaboration. Smile naturally, inviting positive perceptions from prospective employers.

Leave Furry Friends Out of the Picture: While your pets may be cherished companions, your hiring manager might not share the same sentiment. Keep your CV focused on showcasing your professional image, free from the distractions of adorable but irrelevant furry friends.

Nostalgia Has No Place: Resist the urge to incorporate dated autochrome photos. Your hiring manager is interested in the present, not a nostalgic journey to your past adventures. Present a current, relevant image that aligns with the expectations of the professional world.

Say No to Selfies: Despite the effort invested in selecting the perfect selfie, it remains inherently unprofessional for a CV. Reserve these personalized snapshots for your social media profiles, and opt for a professionally captured image to project a polished image to potential employers.


In crafting your CV, every detail matters, including the image you present. By adhering to these guidelines, you can ensure that your CV photo becomes an asset rather than a liability. For additional tips on transforming your CV into a beacon of professionalism, explore our comprehensive array of CV-specific blog posts

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