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Amerya Petroleum Refining Company

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General Petroleum Refining Company one of the subsidiaries of the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation. The company is considered one of the largest petroleum complexes in the Arab Republic of Egypt; It also contains transformative units, special petroleum materials of high value. The company was founded in 1911 as the English-Egyptian oil wells company in suez The actual operation of the company began in 1913, based on crude oil extracted from the Gemsa field on the Red Sea Coast and other wells that were discovered at that time. The Company’s production operations were increased operations were increased and developed in 1950 to include gas purification and sulfur production In 1964, as a result of the decisions of the Egyptianization of the Egyptian Economy. the company was nationalized and its name was changed to the Nasr Petroleum Company. The company’s production at that time exceeded 4.5 million tons(Which is more than half of the state’s The political decision was issued to transfer the company’s activity to Al-Amiriya in Alexandria in 1969 Al-Amira Refinery was separated from Al-Nasr Petroleum company in Suez on 04/30/1984 and named Al-Amria Petroleum Refining Company The Company established and operated the first unit of its kind inside Egypt for the production of medicinal oil in 1999

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